Weight Loss and Gastric Band

In all the weight loss programmes you are required to follow an aftercare protocol and use a psychosomatic anchor. Clients are more successful when they completely follow the aftercare protocol and use their anchor.

Through the use of Responsive Hypnotherapy and other approaches I will help you to permanently change your poor relationship with food. This will enable you to have weight loss, gain control and become the size and shape you wish to be. You will feel more confident, be more physically more relaxed and feel much more

The reason why so many people in the western world are overweight is because we have learned to use food as a means to change our feelings. Most of my clients’ weight problems are derived from the fact that they eat when they are bored, lonely, feel miserable or any number of other emotional scenarios, NONE of which have anything to do with physical hunger. (Top 10 Triggers of Overeating)

For many people it a sad fact that as a result of their conditioning from birth, they have a propensity to bury our feelings with food. The problem is as they eat because of emotional hunger, their bodies never feel satisfied because no amount of food is going to change the way they feel. And as many can testify it will only end up making them feel much worse.

Through the use of Advanced Hypnotherapy I use I help you to change your relationship with food by retraining your mind that holds all your food related beliefs, associations and habitual bad patterns of behaviour. In other words we clear all the clutter and start afresh. This allows you to lose weight easily and at the pace that is right for you.

Image of a weight loss breakfast
A health breakfast is a great start to start weight to weight loss

To see the success they want clients must embrace these treatments as a lifestyle change not as a quick fix.

In all the weight loss programmes you are required to follow an aftercare protocol and use a psychosomatic anchor. Clients are more successful when they completly follow the aftercare protocol and use their anchor.

Did you know?

  • Most of your eating behaviours have their origins in natural evolutionary processes
  • Your body is designed to lay down fat
  • Your brain is hard wired to seek out and eat high calorie foods, (sweet and fatty)
  • Your body is designed to work hard when it has too, (hunting and gathering food) – but also to relax and rest when the chance occurs, (sitting and eating the food we have just caught or gathered)
  • Most of your problems are not buried deep in the nonconscious – they are conscious constructs acting on the above natural processes in an unnatural way. And the fact that we live in a synthetic environment we are not designed for.
  • When you decide to change your mind about something you can do it in seconds not weeks. ‘Old World’ psychology tells us it takes ages to resolve a problem – so if that is what you think; that is what will happen.
  • Using state-of-the-art knowledge from Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology and Evolutionary Psychology you can overcome those conscious constructs almost instantly and lose weight effectively.

Diets: “Quick fix weight loss diets do not work permanently for a high percentage of people, some people are able to keep the weight off – not many”. (Traci Mann, UCLA associate professor of psychology)

The chances are you know that. You have been there done it, got the tee-shirt and the DVD, several times over. I bet you found that found that you regained all the weight, plus more.

So why don’t quick fix weight loss diets work?

Diets generally do not look into the reason why you are over eating or why you have put on weight and most do not give you improved confidence and higher self esteem. People need to understand that when a person wants to lose weight they need to change their way of thinking about food – weight loss Hypnotherapy does this.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss will give you will power to eat only what you need. You will not feel hungry or deprived.


People who are always stressed, on shiftwork or work excessive hours may need to come back for ‘booster’ sessions as they cannot follow the protocol properly. I have had clients opt for a ‘booster’ to their treatment to keep their new lifestyle working.

All gastric band treatments are not compatible with excessive excercise or large quantities of alcohol on a weekly basis.