Sports Performance and Motivation to Exercise

Sports performance and motivation to exercise have much in common. They both require effort and motivation.

Getting fit for a sport and getting fit for health and recreation need drive, commitment and effort. The techniques used for both have their roots in the same place too.

Flourish Programme Sports Performance Coaching does not dwell on the ‘why’ you have problems. It works on how you are going to rapidly change your thinking patterns and behaviour.

It works for all ages from 7 years upwards.

If  you are involved in a competitive sport you may:

Gymnast using Sports Performance

Sports Performance and Motivation

  • Get anxious and nervous before you begin
  • Be easily distracted
  • Become over-whelmed
  • Over-think your game
  • Unable to recover from minor errors
  • Be hypercritical of yourself
  • Try too hard
  • Lack confidence
  • Unable to manage your emotions during games or competitions

All of these things can sap your motivation and drive as you think “I can’t do it”. Or “What is the point as I am crap”.


If  you are involved in a getting fit for health you may:

  • Get anxious and nervous before you begin. (Getting ready for the gym – “All those fit and buff people will be looking at me”).

    people running after Sports Performance

    Motivation to Exercise with Sports Performance

  • Be easily distracted. (Either at the gym or something better is on TV).
  • Become over-whelmed. (“I am so unfit so why bother”).
  • Over-think your training. (“How many reps should I do”. “Should I go on the bikes or the rowing machines”, etc).
  • Unable to recover from minor errors. (So you used the machine wrong, you dropped the kettle bell, you fell off the treadmill. So what everyone else has done the same).
  • Be hypercritical of yourself. (No you are not perfect but practice makes perfect).
  • Try too hard. (Take your time go at your speed).
  • Lack confidence. (We all did when we first started to get fit)

These are almost identical to the problems of a high performance athlete!

Flourish Programme Sports Performance Coaching helps you in your whole life. How you approach training and competitions and how you behave between them. So you are in the best mental and physical state when it matters the most.

The techniques I use allow you to be independent because you are apply your new mental skills to all future challenges.  Such as: work presentations, exams, new job interviews,  performing arts or any stressful situation.

Whatever the reasons behind your problems Flourish Programme Sports Performance Coaching will give you:

  • the best mental state for performing or motivation
  • increased mental resilience and focus
  • nerves and anxiety under control
  • mind and body language for peak performance
  • able to handle the external pressure
  • be able to learn from and bounce back from set backs
  • own empowering beliefs
  • have performance and outcome goals