It is light trance work – I have no control over you at all; you are not in my power. You can open your eyes at any time.

Weight Loss

Weight loss through the use of Responsive Hypnotherapy and other approaches will help you to permanently change your poor relationship with food.

Eating Disorders

There is no such thing as ‘normal eating’. We all have different eating habits which appear ‘normal’ to us. There are many factors that help you decide what is ‘normal’ for you.


Hypnotherapy can be effective in treating some addictions. Hypnotherapy addresses the psychological dependence and helps remove any physiological withdrawal symptoms.

Stress & Anger

Stress and anger are usually looked at as two different problems. Sometimes they are. But frequently stress and anger are locked together.

Anxiety & Phobia

Anxiety disorders and phobias can cause disproportionate suffering of apprehension, stress and worry. Not just the sufferer but to the people they are in contact with.

Hypnotherapy Children

Children love stories, especially ones that allow their vivid imaginations to take them to places of escape and great joy. Their imagination has no boundaries..