There has always been a belief in reincarnation. Many people over the centuries have been able to recount previous existences in verifiable detail. What makes this more believable is when the person is an uneducated child that has never been outside their rural village. And they can spontaneously remember verifiable details of places, events and people that they can have no knowledge of. Many can remember their previous name, members of their family and how they died in their previous existence. Some have birthmarks, physical ailments, or problems similar to the ones they had in their former lives.

Past Life Regression. Who were you?
Past Life Regression. Who were you?

Past Life Regression

It is some time ago that a hypnotist was regressing a patient back to a time when their problems started, and to his astonishment the patient started to give an account in great detail of the problem originating in a previous life. Thousands of people have since been regressed during Past Life Therapy (or out of curiosity). Many have been helped by this therapy and their present day problems have been eliminated.

Past Life Regression – Therapy Based Sessions

These sessions are conducted when someone believes their problem/s in this life originates in a previous existence. The problem is dealt with in the past life and causes no more suffering in this one as it no longer exists.

This work may take 2-3 sessions to complete depending on the situation being eradicated. These are charged at the single session therapy rate.

Past Life Regression – Curiosity Sessions

These are usually one-off sessions where someone wishes to go back to a past life out of curiosity to see what they used to be and how they lived. These sessions may be shorter so are charged at a special rate.

(I have been past life regressed many times).

What happens during a consultation?

Please be aware that in a past life you are frequently of the different sex, a different race and often a different religion. In my experience very few people are rich or famous in past lives – I have been a slave and a teenage girl sold to a rich man for his pleasure!!!

The first therapy session is about getting used to the hypnotic process and practicing ‘going back in time’, some very useful work may be completed too. During all regressions I am careful not to ask any leading questions so as to not initiate a ‘guided fantasy’ containing both fact and fiction. It is my job to ensure that all regressions uncover only true memories. Please record your session/s if you wish to.