Hypnotherapy - a brief introduction

Hello I am Richard Wain. Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist, Fellow of ACCPH, founder of the Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy and published author*.

I am offering you the chance to have some of the most advanced clinical hypnotherapy available in the UK.

Having been a therapist since 1980 and 30 of those years as a clinical hypnotherapist, I have some ‘milage under my belt’. And have helped thousands of people get rid of their problems quickly.

Most of those were in just 2 hours. You can almost certainly get rid of a problem in a single 2 hour session. If you need an extra hour you get it FREE.

I have a passion to help people to move away from their problems as fast and painlessly as possible. During our sessions I do not dig into your painful past unless absolutely necessary.


Every session is especially tailored to you. I do not work from ‘one-size-fits’ all scripts. But, I listen emphatically to your needs and develop a treatment plan as unique as you are. Something I am not; bogged down and stuck in old style negative psychological dogma.

I only use light trance methods. Some people can do these techniques out of trance completely.


Content Free Therapy

This is an incredibly liberating way of working. I don’t even have to know what your problem is to help you shift it.

When I say don’t need to know – I mean the details. You could say to me “Phobia”, and we can shift it. You may say “Anxiety”. It will be worked on. You might say “Childhood abuse”. That is all I will need to know to help you remove its effects on you.

Advanced Flourish Programme Techniques

Most of what I do is based on modern science and research:

  • Positive Psychology,
  • Neuropsychology,
  • Evolutionary Psychology

I do not use outdated psychological theories from the 1800’s and 1900’s.

Would you go to a doctor who was still practicing using ideas 100 years old? My guess is “No”.

I use techniques that use allow you to change your mind in seconds not weeks or months.

Responsive Hypnotherapy is light trance work.<br/> You are not ‘zonked out’.
Responsive Hypnotherapy is light trance work.
You are not ‘zonked out’.

Responsive Hypnotherapy and Flourish Programme

Responsive Hypnotherapy has been 'upgraded'. I am now using all of the incredible Flourish Programme techniques in it.

There is a vast amount of additional information available on this site. Click HERE

Or at www.richardwain.com

It is light trance work – I have no control over you at all; you are not in my power. You can open your eyes at any time.

The results are forever – and I do not give you a CD to listen to for a month after treatment.

Think about that for a moment; why would you need a CD to listen to after paying for treatment to get rid of the problem? One reason could be that the hypnotherapy is not all that good.

I use Responsive Hypnotherapy for all difficult problems including addictions, OCD, eating disorders, gastric bands and VIP Days. (Some of these issues will need several sessions all of which are chargeable).

Responsive Hypnotherapy for rapid change
Could You be a Brilliant Coach,<br/> Hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner
Could You be a Brilliant Coach,
Hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner

* If you want a free pdf copy of this book email me and it will be sent within a day or so.