Hypnotic Gastric Bands using the Flourish Programme.

All the basic gastric bands information you will need is on this page.

All Flourish Programme Hypnotic Gastric Bands and weight loss sessions are carried out using the latest knowledge from Nutrition, Evolutionary Psychology and Positive Psychology, (the way our body and mind actually work) – not old psychological dogma and outdated hypnotherapy methods.

Hypnotic Gastric Band procedures take between 3-5 hours depending on the one you choose All on one day; NOT over several sessions over 4-5 weeks

The time factor depends on how many issues we have to eliminate and how fast you can work through your personalised programme.

There is a great deal of information on this page. But right at the bottom is a link to FAQ about gastric bands.

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3 hour Weight Loss session Mini Gastric bands £275 £225

This Flourish Programme treatment is for those clients who need to lose up to 22lbs, (10 Kg). It could be that lost weight already but have hit a plateau. But it is perfect for those who wish to change their poor eating habits. Maybe you are a ‘Yoyo Dieter’ and need to break the cycle. This treatment is not suitable for those who need to lose large amounts of weight.

The Mini Gastric-band gives you a feeling of being ‘fullish’ which prevents many from overeating. We may need to deal with cravings as well. Each client will register these differently. But should create a feeling of being satisfied with a small meal and with no cravings for more.

There are 2 stages to the treatment:

  1. Free consultation 30minutes
  2. Treatment session & mini-band ‘implantation’. (Maximum 3 hours on one day)

Following the treatment you are provided with:

  • email back up
  • 2 x 15 minute telephone back up
  • any adjustments to refine your treatment if required at £50 per hour. (Maximum of 2 hours).
man showing the effects of a gastric band
Gastric Bands are the ideal solution for
massive weight loss or shedding a couple of stones

Flourish Programme Full Gastric bands £495 £395

The Full Gastric-band is for those with 2 or more clothing sizes to lose. It is designed to get rid of several poor eating behaviours. Such as:

  • skipping meals, especially breakfast or lunch
  • overeating at mealtimes, portion control
  • have to clear your plate, (and others plates too)
  • snacking, picking, grazing, the ‘munchies’
  • food cravings – sugar, chocolate, cake, cookies, sausage rolls, etc
  • junk food and take-aways
  • speed eating
  • etc.

This is the same as a Breakthrough Session - but for food.

There are 3 stages to the treatment:

  1. Free consultation (30 minutes)
  2. Treatment session (up to 5 hours on one day)
  3. 1 x Final adjustment when you are down to the size you want to be. The band is 'loosened' to allow you to eat more as you will need to maintain that size. You can have it removed if you wish to. This adjustment cannot be used at any other time.

Following the treatment you are provided with:

  • email back up
  • 2 x 15 minute telephone back up
  • any adjustments to refine your treatment if required at £50 per hour. (Maximum of 2 hours).


Please be aware if you do not tell me the truth about all your eating behaviours this process will fail and you will have thrown your money away.

What you WILL get from me

  • Up-to-date techniques based on Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology and Evolutionary Psychology
  • The ability to access specific parts of the brain and change your mind about food there and then
  • Live and feel the changes as we go, building on each success with each technique
  • A fully individually designed GB and Weight Control programme
  • Elimination of your poor eating behaviours
  • A psychosomatic anchor that gives you total control over every poor behaviour
  • A psychosomatic anchor that gives you total control over hunger
  • A fixed eating plan – 3 meals at regular times
  • Your daily activity and Basal Metabolic Rate is taken into account
  • New cooking behaviours
  • New shopping behaviours
  • All done in one morning, afternoon or evening
  • Aftercare policy – you are not just treated and left to it
  • A massive boost to self-confidence and self-esteem
  • The urge to not get weighed more than once a week, (best once a month). Scales lie – you know that already. You will go by how your clothes are getting baggy and the feeling of success when that size down fits again

What you WILL NOT get from me

  • A pretend operation – I don’t do pointless theatrics.
  • A specific diet to follow – after all all the diets you have done before have failed!
  • Prewritten scripts that are read to every client
  • Techniques based on ‘Old World’ psychology and unconscious suggestions
  • Regression into your past, it is of little value to the process
  • A CD to listen to for the next month – how rubbish must the therapy be if you have to listen to a CD night after night?
  • 4 or 5 visits to see me

Typical results

  • Most people lose an average of 5lbs in the first week. (Very large people can lose up to 9lbs, some people can be about 3lbs)
  • After that most people lose 2-3lbs per week
  • As you reach your target size it may be down to 1lb a week

People I will not work with

  • People who are slim and want to be scrawny – unhealthy
  • People who ‘must have a thigh gap’
  • People who want it to get back on a low calorie meal replacement system
  • People who still want to miss breakfast – “I can’t eat in the mornings”.
  • People who are faddy eaters who will not eat a varied and healthy diet
  • People who are drug or alcohol addicts

The GB Process

Initial consultation – FREE of charge

This is to:

  • Establish an eating and weight history also psychological profile. I will need to know any medication you are on.
  • To explain the process fully; the Flourish Programme process, aftercare policy.
  • To talk about the major lifestyle and dietary changes you will be eliminating.
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • For me to assess your hypnotic susceptibility, as these techniques are very powerful

This session lasts about 30 minutes and it is to make sure that I believe you will benefit from the therapy

You will be told at the end of the session if you have been accepted. I value my good reputation and will say “No” if I really feel this is not for you. I would rather NOT take your money than feel I am ripping you off.

Treatment Session

This is where the Flourish Programme  begins. An individual programme will have been created specifically for you from the information given in the First Session. The programme is designed to help you eliminate any blocks to why you have not succeeded in weight loss previously. It will also give you the ‘will power’ destroy any bad eating habits you may have and stop the overeating triggers from firing. It will also boost your inner resources and give you the confidence to succeed.

Gastric Band ‘implantation’. I introduce the concept of you being full on a small amount of food, this helps you to ‘shrink’ your stomach substantially. In effect you ‘fit’ the band as we go along.


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FAQ Hypnotic Gastric Bands