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Flourish for Business. I recently read that; Many business coaching programmes are a waste of time and money. The article also said; The

Breaking barriers using Flourish for Business

Flourish for Business

problem with many of today’s business coaches and coaching programs is that they are focused on mindsets, motivation and emotions, and not on implementing proven best-practice systems, strategies and action steps that will actually grow a business. (1 August 2018 www.forbs.com).

This to me seems a strange thing to say. A coach is there to motivate the business owner and their workforce. Business development, marketing and

other complex process are really the job of a mentor not a coach.

My opinion is that many businesses need a coach to get the owner and workforce in the right state of mind to be able to implement new strategies, focus on selling, providing 5 star service and increasing profit.


So what will Flourish Business Coaching do for your business?

If we look at the owner/manager first.

The first thing we look at is your aims, goals and dreams for the business. Only when we know these do we actually have a place to start. I will ask you to spend a set time at the end of the week to review the last week and plan the next one. I will ask you to do the same for yourself and few team members. We will look at these and decide many things on these musings.

The main ones being working on you – owner/manager. Then any members of the team/workforce that need increased confidence, changing outlooks,

NeuroHack for Business- Growth from motivation and vision


We will also look at stress resilience for everyone concerned. Some of the work can be completed in group sessions.

While I am working with others you the owner/manager will be:

  • identifying new markets to build your customer base
  • turning your attention to improving your most profitable product
  • new product development
  • and many other things required to excel in business

We would all like massive jumps in profit overnight. Sometimes it is possible. But athletes make small incremental improvements and consolidate them. So must you – those three new clients need consolidating into permanent buyers. The same with the next five, ten and hundred.

Flourish for Business does not have fixed price packages. Each person involved my need different numbers of sessions. Group of people carry a different price to individuals. However; individual Flourish Coaching sessions is charged at my standard rate of £75 per session. The same applies to a 1 Day Breakthrough Session.

It is very useful to read the following pages to find out more about the sorts of techniques I use.

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