What can I achieve in a Breakthrough Session? 

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Breakthrough Session - the list of things that can be achieved is endless and each list is unique to thst person. Maybe you are successful in certain areas of your life, but not so the some others. A Breakthrough Session gives you the chance and unlocks your innate ability to reach the success you desire across all areas.

A Breakthrough Session can enable significant improvements in every aspect of your life. They are incredible for people who find themselves lost or directionless

due to  unresolved issues or problems from way, way back or just yesterday.

These could be possibly due to:

  • Negative emotions burried deep in the mind and body
  • Limiting beliefs – self generated and given to you by others
  • Conflicting values – yours and someone else’s
  • Lack of spirituality – feeling disconnected from yourself, life, other people and the world at large

and so many more.

What parts of my life can I work on in a Breakthrough Session?

  • Acquiring Self Confidence, Self-esteem, Self Motivation and Loving Yourself

    happy woman after a Breakthrough sessiom

    Life in general but especially at work ar so different after a Breakthrough Session

  • Developing Intuition and Spirituality
  • Finding your purpose in life
  • Improving Decisions Making and Overcoming Procrastination
  • Improving Job Performance and Efficiency At Work
  • Improving Relationships – Personal and Professional
  • Improving Time Management
  • Improving Memory & Concentration
  • Managing Stress and Anger
  • Overcoming Fears and Anxieties
  • Removing Negativity From Past
  • Developing A Positive Outlook In Life
  • Setting A More Useful Direction In Life

and so many more.


How will I know if I need one of these sessions?

If you have ever noticed yourself getting in negative situations time and time again. If you keep repeating the same unwanted behaviour or thought time and time again.keep feeling lost with no real direction or motivation to make the required ‘shift’.

Maybe these sentence beginnings are familiar to you:

Woman before having a Breakthrough Session

This lady is in need of a Breakthrough Session to clear her mind so she can focus

  • I wish I could just…….
  • On one hand I want this, or do I want that…..
  • If only I find a way to do . . .
  • I really can’t let it go of . . .
  • People say just do this or that but I can’t…..
  • I have tried but always fail at……
  • I don’t know why I feel this way . . .
  • I don’t know why I keep doing that……
  • Why do I keep doing that . . .
  • I can’t deal with it….
  • It’s still too painful to….. .
  • Other people can do it so why can’t I . . .

and so many more.

If there are several problems you truly want to change in your life, then a Flourish Programme or Coaching Breakthrough Day is possibly your best option.


What will I do in a Flourish Programme Breakthrough?

  • Create your Realistic Personal  Goals
  • Remove Negativity and Blockages from your Life
  • Inner Turmoil and Confusion
  • What you want and what you need may be different


How long will a Flourish Programme Breakthrough Session last?

This is a highly focused and very powerful belief change system that eradicates problems in a potent day of up to 5 hours, (including 2 short breaks). These sessions usually start about 9.00-9.30 am and may continue until around 3.00 pm depending on scope and number of the changes you want to make.

It is possible to start later in the day.