The 2-3 hour Weight Loss Session uses very powerful techniques from Responsive Hypnotherapy© that are utilised to clear the clutter you have about food. They are designed for those that need to lose a few, (or maybe more than just a few), pounds. Or those that do not like the idea of a virtual gastic band/balloon inside them. A 2-3 hour Weight Loss Session will work well for most people.

However; there are some people with so much emotional ‘clutter’ to do with food that this system is not workable – they may need additional time to deal with some specific deep rooted problem, e.g. eating due to abuse, rape, etc. These issues are dealt with before the more rapid techniques are used on the other ‘clutter’ they may have.

The session will usually allow us to eradicate 3-4 of your food related problems. Any more than this and you will need to have a Mini-Gastric Band session.

In one of these sessions we do not complete the 'Stomach Shrink' process - this is only available in the two Gastric Band processes.

2-3 Hour weight loss session in Dartford
Love your food, love yourself and lose weight. Gain control through hypnotherapy; 2-3 Hour weight loss session

These may include:

  • Portion size
  • Snacking
  • Secret eating
  • Finishing all the food on your plate even when you are full, (or finishing someone else’s food)
  • Fast eating
  • Compulsions
  • Over eating
  • Poor food choices

Your investment in your 2 hour Weight Loss Session and future health: £195. (This fee covers upto 3 hours if required).