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Do you have a problem?

Are looking for a fast and very effective way to eradicate that problem?

Would you like that problem sorted in just 2-3 hours?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above then I could have the answer to your personal needs - Flourish Therapy or Coaching

Traditional Clinical Hypnotherapy

'Old School' styles of Traditional Clinical Hypnotherapy great for most people. This is a relatively deep trance form of hypnotherapy. Much of the work is done through suggestion therapy and metaphors. These methods often require several sessions on a weekly basis. Sometime you can have two sessions in a week.

This form of work suits most people as the progress is slower and they feel more comfortable with it.

It is also used for those who wish to dig into the past to understand the problem in more depth before they deal with it.

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Hypnotherapy -  Flourish Programme

Flourish Therapy 'hacks' into your mind to enable rapid and effective relief from your problem/s. It is light trance work – I have no control over you at all. You are not in my power but in your own power. You can open your eyes at any time. It can be done with your eyes open! Yes with your eyes open. The trance is like a daydream state and everyone can go into a daydream. So everyone can do this phenomenal therapy.

It is not built on evidence from Neuroscience, Evolutionary Psychology, Positive Psychology and Psychoneuroimmunology. The way the mind and body are designed to work

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Flourish Coaching For Business

Flourish Coaching is not about me advising you how to run your business. It is for entrepreneurs and small business owners. What I do is work with you and your staff to rapidly changes negative beliefs to empowering ones. To create motivation where it has been lost. Generate enthusiasm where there was apathy. Reduce stress and create resilience. All of which will engender happy workforce and increase profits.

I can work with individuals or whole teams at the same time. Just remember this is not bog-standard coaching. So do not expect it.

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No matter how bad the problem seems , there is always light at the end of the tunnel. And the tunnel is usually a lot shorter than you believe.

Flourish Programme Therapy and Coaching

Traditional Clinical Hypnotherapy

Weight Control and Hypnotic 'Gastric Bands'


Flourish Programme - remove anxiety, phobias or addictions in 2-3 hours.


How I work

I am Richard Wain. Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist, Fellow of ACCPH, founder of the Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy and published author. Do you want the chance to have some of the most advanced clinical hypnotherapy available in the UK?

Having been a therapist since 1980 and over 30 of those years as a clinical hypnotherapist, I have thousands of therapy hours 'under my belt’. Also many hundreds of hours of hypnotherapy research aimed at advancing treatment using hypnotherapy. And have helped thousands of people get rid of their problems quickly. A significant proportion of those were in just 2 hours.

If someone needs slower traditional 'Old School' Clinical Hypnotherapy over a few weeks I will do that with them. Everyone has the right to the form of treatment that suits them. We can go back and analyse your problems, work through them and take you to a better future.

But I have a passion to help people to move away from their problems as fast and painlessly as possible. This why I was, and still am, conducting research in hypnotherapy. During these sessions we do not dig into your painful past unless absolutely necessary. Every session is especially tailored to you. I do not work from ‘one-size-fits’ all scripts. But, I listen emphatically to your needs and develop a treatment plan as unique as you are.

Something I am not; bogged down and stuck in old style negative psychological dogma. The systems I use are based on up-to-date Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Positive Psychology and other scientific knowledge. This allows me to help you 'change your mind' about something in a matter of seconds. With these techniques you can let go of negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours in a very short space of time. (You have to be ready to let go. This work is not done to you. It is done with you).

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Linda x

Hello Richard,

it’s almost 2 years since I saw you for a gastric band and I’ve never looked back. I lost 3 stones and haven’t put it back on. I wish I’d found you years ago! Still use my ‘trigger’ from time to time but feel marvellous. Thank you again.


Hello Richard,

I am writing to let you know how successful I have been quitting drinking, since my hypnotherapy sessions with you. I haven’t touched a drop for eight months and feel confident I will never drink again. I did find the hypnosis process quite hard emotionally, but it was more than worth it for the results I got from it. I did initially feel as though I was missing something when I stopped drinking, but this felt exactly how you described, as though I was looking in the wrong drawer for something. I had no withdrawal symptoms, it was wonderful. I have lost weight and I feel as though I am back in the land of the living again. Thank you very much for everything.

Kerry H

Hi Richard,

I just wanted to let you know that I am completely amazed by the session we had last Thursday. I wanted to let you know that everything that was put in place in our session is happening/working – I have had 3 meals a day with no snacking, fizzy drinks or craving at all!!! I haven’t wanted any of those things. My portions are so much smaller and I am making the correct choices. I feel very positive and have lost an amazing 7lbs in the first week! I am so glad I came to see you. I have passed your details onto a few friends for various things I think they can benefit from seeing you with. Thanks again.

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